Since 2007, the Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) has stood as a premier annual international event, spotlighting critical policy-related public health issues with far-reaching global implications. Hosted by the Prince Mahidol Award Foundation in collaboration with the Royal Thai Government and other esteemed global partners, PMAC has consistently fostered dialogue and innovation in the public health sphere. The PMAC 2025 embraces the theme “Harnessing Technologies in an Age of AI to Build a Healthier World.”

As we stand on the brink of unprecedented technological advancements and innovations, including biomedical breakthroughs, artificial intelligence, and other new discoveries, we recognize the transformative potential these technologies hold. They are vital instruments in our quest to build a prosperous, and peaceful world.

Technological progress is instrumental in addressing some of the most pressing global challenges of our time, including climate change, conflict, and emerging diseases. At an individual level, technologies can strengthen health and elevate the quality of life.

The PMAC 2025 is dedicated to exploring the synergy of technological applications in enhancing health and wellbeing of individuals. This conference presents an opportunity to forge new perspectives on “how technologies can be harnessed to create a more peaceful, sustainable, cleaner, and healthier societies for us all, where we harmoniously share its fruit of good quality for living altogether”.

We invite artists, and visionaries from around the globe to participate in this unique opportunity to showcase their interpretations of “Using Innovative Technologies to Create a Healthier World”. This contest seeks to capture the spirit of innovation, creativity, and the potential of technology to transform our world.

Your artistic contributions will play a pivotal role in shaping the future narrative of our society. Through your creativity and vision, we aim to inspire a collective movement towards a healthier, happier, and more equitable world. Join us in this creative endeavor and let your art be a catalyst for future change.


Drawings & Paintings
  • Artwork Size: The size of the work should be 45 x 45 cm.
  • Production Techniques: All production techniques are allowed, including paintings, drawings, collage, prints, mixed media, etc.
  • Submission Limit: Each artist or group is allowed to submit one (1) artwork. A group submission can have a maximum of three (3) members.
  • Originality: Entries should be inspired by the theme without directly copying the work of others. Artwork must not infringe on the copyright of others.
  • Online Submission: Artwork must be submitted online only via the provided website: https://pmac-2025.com/artcontest Please note that the PMAC Secretariat will not accept any original artwork sent through postal mail.
  1. The PMAC Secretariat reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not meet the specified criteria or are submitted after the designated submission period.
  2. The PMAC Secretariat reserves the right to award prizes to entries that meet the judges’ criteria. The judges’ decision is final.
  3. The PMAC Secretariat retains long-term rights to all entries, including prize winning works and selected works.
  4. All artwork entries must be submitted online. Only the winners will be required to send the original pieces of artwork to the PMAC Secretariat. The Secretariat will provide instructions to the winners for send their prize-winning pieces to the Secretariat’s office.


Under 9 years old

1st place: A Trophy, A Certificate and THB 10,000
2nd place: A Trophy, A Certificate and THB 8,000
3rd place: A Trophy, A Certificate and THB 6,000
Honorable mention: A Certificate
3 Prizes Totaling: THB 24,000


1st place: A Trophy, A Certificate and THB 12,000
2nd place:A Trophy, A Certificate and THB 10,000
3rd place: A Trophy, A Certificate and THB 8,000
Honorable mention: A Certificate
3 Prizes Totaling: THB 30,000


1st place: A Trophy, A Certificate and THB 15,000
2nd place: A Trophy, A Certificate and THB 12,000
3rd place: A Trophy, A Certificate and THB 10,000
Honorable mention: A Certificate
3 Prizes Totaling: THB 37,000

Above 18 years old

1st place: A Trophy, Certificate and THB 18,000
2nd place: A Trophy, Certificate and THB 15,000
3rd place:A Trophy, Certificate and THB 12,000
Honorable mention: A Certificate
3 Prizes Totaling: THB 45,000

The total prize value worth more than THB 100,000

***Only the winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd places and honorable mention) will receive the certificate from the PMAC 2025 World Art Contest***


Submission period (Online only)
1 July - 31 August 2024
Notification of the Winners
Around fourth quarter of 2024 (Oct – Dec 2024) at www.pmac-2025.com and Facebook: PMAC World Art Contest


How to upload your artwork

1. Create new account to receive Username [valid email account] and Password to log in to the E-submission system. Go to www.pmac-2025.com, and click on PMAC 2025 World Art Contest tab to reach the site: [www.pmac-2025.com/artcontest]. Then, use the Username and Password notified through your email account to log in to the system.
2. Log in to the registration system to complete Personal Information and Submission of Artwork. Once finishing this process, you will receive the notification email with your Submission ID.

What needs to be submitted

Title of the artwork, and short description & inspiration (100 word length in English) must be provided. Three pictures (JPEG, PNG) must be submitted. Each file must not exceed 5 MB.  
i. Final Artwork Front View (1 picture)
ii. Photo of Artist While Making the Artwork (1 picture)
iii. Final Artwork with the Artist (1 picture)
JPEG or PNG file, resolution: 800*533 pixels
***Incomplete submission will not be considered.

For further inquiries, please contact:
Prince Mahidol Award
Conference Secretariat

Institute for Population and Social Research Mahidol University

Salaya, Phutthamonthon, Nakhon Pathom 73170, Thailand

Tel: (66) 2441-0202 EXT. 627, 629
Fax: (66) 2441-9333

E-mail: pmacworldartcontest@gmail.com
Website : www.pmac-2025.com
PMAC World Art Contest