Technological Innovations to Strengthen Health Systems and Achieve Universal Health Coverage

The fourth industrial revolution, driven by technological change, is transforming health systems with innovative technologies such as AI, telehealth, Big Data analytics, and mobile health, which can enhance access, improve patient care, and promote self-management. These advancements support the global goal of achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and improve public health. Despite the potential, barriers such as limited access to technology, data privacy concerns, and the risk of exacerbating inequities persist. The world is at a turning point and there is an urgent need for an accelerated response as recent reports indicate the world is off-track in meeting the goal of achieving UHC by 2030. Effective international collaboration is essential to harness these technologies responsibly. This sub-theme offers a platform for global health practitioners to discuss these challenges and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Given the above, ST1 aims to harness innovative technologies to improve public health and achieve Universal Health Coverage from a health systems perspective.

ST1 Sessions include:

PL1 Technological Innovations for Healthier Populations, Strengthened Health Systems, and Universal Health Coverage
PS1.1 Solutions for Smart Spending
PS1.2 Tech-Empowered Health Workers
PS1.3 Expanding Tech-enabled Solutions for Service Delivery
PS1.4 Health Tech Rising: Youth Edition
PS1.5 Harnessing the Power of Data


Harnessing Technologies in an Age of AI to Build a Healthier World

Sub-Theme 2

Equity, Ethics, and Empowering the Vulnerable

Sub-Theme 3

Governance, Policy and Stewardship