Governance, Policy and Stewardship

In the dynamic field of digital health and AI, strong governance, policy, and stewardship are essential for responsible and equitable implementation. Global frameworks promoting international collaboration and standardization are necessary, involving public and private sectors and civil society. A robust regulatory environment and effective data governance at the national level are crucial to protect data ownership, privacy, and sovereignty. These measures ensure the ethical and secure use of health data, mitigate risks, and build trust. Multilevel governance and collaboration will ensure that AI and digital health technologies contribute to improved health outcomes for all.

Well-The main areas for further exploration under ST3 comprise global enabling ecosystem, national ecosystem, human capacity needs, and responsible use; cover the foundations for good governance, policy, and stewardship. digital technologies and AI for health should be ‘people-centered’ and inclusive. There is a critical need to ensure equitable access for all individuals, particularly for those who may be marginalized or vulnerable and face barriers related to gender, ethnicity, geographical location, socioeconomic status, native language, or internet connectivity. Even as advancements in technology may substantially improve healthcare delivery, they also pose significant risks to the exacerbation of health inequalities, weakening of data privacy, and environmental sustainability.

ST3 Sessions include:

PL3 Governance Policy and Stewardship
PS3.1 Geopolitical Landscape
PS3.2 Data Governance
PS3.3 Articulating and Mitigating Risks of AI in Health
PS3.4 Preventing Asymmetries through Good Governance
PS3.5 National Governance


Harnessing Technologies in an Age of AI to Build a Healthier World

Sub-Theme 1

Technological Innovations to Strengthen Health Systems and Achieve Universal Health Coverage

Sub-Theme 2

Equity, Ethics, and Empowering the Vulnerable